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Why choose Lead with Courage?

Empathy, vulnerability, and self-compassion are often considered ‘fluffy’ or ‘soft’ in the skills department. But, these are what leaders need to inspire and build engaged teams. 

Lead with Courage founders Tammy Coggan, and Kerry Rosser embody courage and vulnerability daily and are certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitators. Dare To Lead™ is the ultimate leadership program based on Dr Brené Brown’s best-selling book, Dare To Lead. 

Trusted by Australia’s top organisations, Lead with Courage will support your growth so you can advance your career, boost your performance and build change-resilient and engaged teams.

It’s our mission to reclaim the hearts and minds of people languishing in careers lacking motivation and connection to their personal and company’s purpose.  We use tried and tested methods that cut through stress and burnout, resulting in more resilient and engaged teams that perform at their best – now and in the future. 

Expect to feel the impact of research-based leadership programs founded in neuroscience and coaching psychology. 

You’ll get uncomfortable, embrace vulnerability, and better understand yourself to redefine your leadership with skills that will span a lifetime.

We spend a lot of time helping our customers discover and define their personal and company values, so it’s no wonder ours form the foundation for everything we do. 

Our company values stem from our individual why statements that motivate and drive us daily. 

  1. Everyone deserves a safe space to grow and realise their full potential.
  2. Everyone has the potential to be better than they were yesterday. 
  1. Unlock your courage to experience growth.
  2. Challenge ideas, beliefs and yourself in a respectful way.
  3. Belonging. Everyone deserves to feel valued and worthy.
  4. Togetherness. Our fulfilment comes from your growth and success.
Kerry & Tammy

Meet the Team

Kerry Rosser

Kerry Rosser

Co-founder of Lead With Courage

Executive Coach, Leadership Development, Dare to Lead™ facilitator, Change Management, Mentor.  Helping leaders unlock their courage, have tough conversations, do more high-value work, and build the skills of their team to advance their careers. Read More

People drive me. 25  years ago, I focused my skills on helping people be the leader I knew they could be. I pursued my passion for learning development and have never looked back.

I now help organisations build strong leadership teams across the public and private sectors.

My coaching style is highly pragmatic. It’s founded in emotional intelligence and Dare to Lead principles, and I specialise in helping you develop and maintain relationships across an organisation.

I am incredibly passionate about behaviour change and helping organisations navigate their people through challenging change agendas – which, in today’s world, feels like most days!

Talk to me about how we can tailor a leadership program to address your direct challenges to deliver powerful results.

  • Certified Executive Coach and ICF member (International Coaching Federation)
  • Accredited Dare to Lead™ facilitator
  • Accredited with the  Harvard  “Immunity to  Change”  processes
    Accredited Korn Ferry (Lominger) Leadership Architect
  • Accredited Roche  Martin  Emotional  Intelligence  360°  assessment
Tammy Coggan

Tammy Coggan

Co-founder of Lead with Courage

Leadership Development, Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, Executive Coach, Change Management, and Mentor.

Coaching basketball sparked my love of developing others. Since the age of  13, I have focused on unlocking the dynamics of unrealised individual and team potential. Read More

I’ve led corporate teams, corporate teams, run small businesses and have Post Graduate qualifications in leadership development. My practical expertise is intertwined with a focus on evidence-based research and neuroscience coaching principles.

In a world rethinking how we define successful leadership, I empower leaders to make an impact beyond their individual careers. I will help you harness the connection between head and heart and unlock the courage to embrace a modern leadership style.

Work with me to become a change-resilient, emotionally intelligent leader with the practical tools to overcome challenges in today’s workplace – at an individual or organisation level. 

I create a supportive learning and coaching environment to ignite clients to step out of their comfort zone and challenge old behaviours and attitudes. To unlock and understand how values and beliefs contribute to their success. 

I guide organisations to achieve results aligned with key business priorities, boost team performance and achieve sustainable success.

I look forward to being part of your leadership development journey.

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