Our Services

  • Dare to Lead™
    • We need brave leaders and courageous cultures now more than ever. leaders need to show up, step out of the comfort zone and lean into courage. Become that leader with this program.

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  • Coaching
    • "I have never worked with a truly transformational leader who has not been working with a coach" - Brené Brown

      Pragmatic advice with practical examples that will challenge established ideas and traditional thinking.

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  • Coach to Ignite My team
    • Are you ready to become a courageous leader who brings out the best in their people and inspires future leaders? Develop your coaching style, make the successful transition between being a team member and leading others.

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  • Powerful conversations
    • Is it possible to have tough conversations without being confrontational? YES! It's not just an essential leadership tool; it's a fundamental human skill - we will show you.

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  • Leadership Accelerator
    • How do you build a resilient and engaged workforce, united around common goals and attract and retain top talent. We can show you.

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your courage

Lead with Courage partners with organisations, individuals and teams to successfully navigate company change, boost team performance and build brave cultures. 

We use proven methods that cut through stress and burnout, resulting in resilient and engaged teams that perform at their best – now and in the future. 

Explore how this powerful work will accelerate your growth as a leader and meet your strategic objectives.