Highly pragmatic coaching that facilitates sustainable learning so you can focus on boosting your and your team’s performance.

We have seen immense success through 1:1 and group coaching sessions to address specific organisational topics or challenges.

Recognising that implementation is often the challenge and whether it’s Dare To Lead™ based, implementation support can enhance the implementation of skills in your current environment.

One of our mainstay services, executive coaching, enhances strategic thinking and builds emotional and courageous connections within teams and key stakeholders. Our coaching services are run by founding partners, Both Tammy & Kerry are fully accredited Executive Coaches and are passionate in their quest to ensure you unlock your potential and achieve your goals fast. 

All coaching is confidential and specific to your needs.

The impact

“I have never worked with a truly transformational leader who has not been working with a coach” – Brené Brown

  1. Increase your self-awareness and become more conscious of your strengths, weaknesses, and potential blind spots hindering your professional growth. 
  2. Sharpen your skills, identify areas where you need to improve and develop new strategies and skills to become more effective. 
  3. Gain the confidence to take on more challenging tasks and projects. 
  4. Improve your and your team’s performance to better manage your time, set realistic goals, and improve your productivity. 
  5. Become a better listener and communicator to help build better relationships with colleagues and clients. 
  6. Connect with new people and learn how to expand your professional network. 
  7. Gain new perspectives on your professional situation and help you find new ways to approach challenges.