We create a safe place for teams to learn and grow together. We will design a leadership program that meets your organisation’s needs by combining decades of leadership and coaching experience, proven research, and a people-first approach. Expect to remove siloed ways of working to boost collaboration and team performance across multiple departments to achieve strategic goals. 

Our Leadership Accelerator Program options will address specific challenges within your organisation. We will help you to tackle organisational challenges while aligning with the needs of program participants and the schedules of teams or departments.

What’s included?

  • A tailored leadership program designed to address your specific organisational challenges and align with the needs of program participants and the schedules of teams and multiple departments.
  • Tailored program options from 1-day to 12-month programs delivered in-person or online.
  • A personalised workbook for each participant developed by Lead with Courage.
  • A Lead With Courage certificate celebrating the successful completion of the agreed program.
  • Gain access to an extensive reading list curated by Lead with Courage founders to further your growth and continue your learning journey.

The impact

  1. Feel the impact of research-based leadership programs founded in neuroscience and the latest in coaching psychology.
  2. Reclaim the hearts and minds of your team languishing in careers lacking motivation and connection to the company’s purpose.
  3. Advance your career, boost your team’s performance and build change-resilient and engaged teams united around common goals.
  4. Overcome your leadership blind spots and develop new strategies and skills to become a more effective leader.
  5. Build your own and your team’s confidence to take on more challenging tasks and projects.
  6. Set realistic goals, and improve your productivity.