Courage To Coach

We Believe... that everyone has potential and it's our mission to help people find and access their maximum potential

1 Day workshop - Courage to Coach

Why Courage to Coach?

  • It takes courage to hold people to account for their actions
  • It takes courage to not give advice
  • It takes courage to really listen
  • It takes courage to ask questions that get people to think
  • It takes courage to ask questions and sit in silence to allow a person to think and create new solutions

Lead With Courage has a unique and well tested approach which is grounded in research in Neuroscience, Leadership behaviour and coaching psychology.

Our Facilitators and Coaches are experienced
Executive Coaches and have many years of experience in Leadership roles themselves and high level facilitation skills.

They are also practitioners that absolutely
believe that learning is a lifelong skill and model
what they share with their clients.

Why this workshop is critical for your leaders at any level of the organization?

Highly successful Leaders are know for coaching and developing their teams, to perform at their best now and for future roles and business requirements – This program will equip your Leaders to have powerful coaching conversations

Why this workshop is critical for your leaders at any level of the organization?

This 1-day workshop will equip you with the skills and courage to lead people in a way that brings the best of them to their roles.

  • Identify opportunities to coach
  • Identify when coaching is not the most
  • Appropriate style of conversation to have
  • Practice how to use coaching questions that
  • Engage the coachee to think differently and develop their own
    solutions to real challenges
  • Identify the difference between coaching,
  • Feedback and performance management discussions
  • Adapt a coaching conversations framework to
  • Guide the conversation to implementable actions and plans.